In July 2014 I was told I had to have a completed abdominal Hysterectomy at the age of 52. My weight had slowly crept up to 13 stone and I was uncomfortable and unhappy. Twelve years previously to this I was fit and running half marathons. Having read many articles that most people gain weight after a Hysterectomy, Simon encouraged me to try to lose weight and get as fit as possible before my operation. He wrote me a programme that gently eased me back in to a routine. He weighed me, measured me and gave me fantastic nutritional advice.

I used the programme at home and at my local gym, with weekly updates with Simon. Before my operation I managed to lose 1 stone 3lbs. 4 weeks after my operation he wrote a new programme to suit my post op rules. It is now March 2015 and I have lost 2 stone 6 lbs.(proving most articles wrong regarding weight gain after this surgery) I have dropped two full dress sizes, toned my body, my skin is better and I feel fabulous and looking forward to wearing a bikini next week for the first time in many years and feeling good in it.

I am entering Tough Mudder in May, something I thought I would never do! Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. (she finished) 🙂

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