“When I decided to trial PT sessions it was mainly because i wanted to shake things up – I was a bit bored of going through the motions in classes and felt I’d got all I could from that. Little did I realize that training with Sacha wouldn’t just shake things up it would completely change my outlook on fitness, goals and life. Previously I’d eaten salads, stir frys, weetabix and avoided cheese, chocolate and ‘big’ meals at all costs; the number on the scales mattered. Now thanks to Sacha I’ve no idea what the scales says and it really doesn’t bother me! I eat a balanced good diet that has me energized for long shifts at work and hard training sessions in the gym. My goals are no longer aesthetic, it’s all about lifting heavier and improving stamina. Thank you Sacha for all your hard work with nutrition and training plans – I feel epic and it’s thanks to you.”

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