Before I met Sacha I trained 3-4 times a week and by training I mean I did 3 spin classes a week and the odd HIIT training class if I could be bothered.

I didn’t eat properly and always focused on wanting to look ‘skinny’ not fit and all with the smallest amount of willpower known to man.

When I met Sacha I didn’t even know what a deadlift was let alone the benefits it drove to both fitness and strength and I also thought that I could squat (I really couldn’t) I had no idea what lifting weights meant and I thought that if I was to ever lift weights I’d look like a body builder, little did I know that 6 months on I am stronger than I’ve ever been, more determined than I ever was and funnily enough I do not resemble a body builder.

Without the help of Sacha I think I’d still be smashing cardio  4 times a week and looking how I’ve always looked and feeling how I’ve always felt. I’ve changed loads not just physically but mentally too and it’s all down to the help from my PT.

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